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Folkrörelsen: Släpp In Publiken

  • Folkrörelsen: Släpp In Publiken
FoLKRÖRELSEN is a band that plays instrumental songs written by Riddo Ridberg (born 1960 in Pargas, a small town in Southwestern Finland). Finnish minor key melodies are mixed with major key melodies of the Swedish musical tradition, and this blend is then seasoned with pop harmonies.

The result sounds a bit like Konsta Jylhä meets Benny Anderssons Orkester (BAO), add a bit of Ridberg’s pop influences. Fiddle player Marianne Maans is one of the soloists in the band; Ridberg himself plays the harmonium. Their first album, Släpp in publiken, was released in April 2013. The album features a tribute to Konsta Jylhä (Vaiennut harmoni) along with 15 other new songs by Ridberg.




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