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Liquid Wolf: First Light

  • Liquid Wolf: First Light
Liquid Wolf is Sami Sarhamaa´s (Kataya, Kudos, PS. etc.) project and brain child. He got “a little help” from his fellow musicians Teijo Tikkanen (Kataya, Alpha Indigo, Wolf Larsen), Samu Wuori (GG Caravan, Kataya etc.), Sami Kuoppamäki (Kingston Wall …big “etc”) and Pepa Päivinen (Pepa Päivinen Quartet, Sound & Fury etc.).

This music encompasses many moods and atmospheres. The easiest way would be to put it under the genre of “new finnish prog-rock” but there´s definitely more than that. It’s a delicate dance between the brighter soundscapes and darker side with low, distorted guitars. That dance manages to keep You in it’s tight but tender grip from the first bar to the last.