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Speedy Saarinen

  • Speedy Saarinen
Speedy Saarinen is a highly experienced, versatile musician who started playing guitar with bands already at school as a teenager. He has always written his own music as the only cd releases have been the two Speedy Update band albums at the start of the 90`ies. But you may have heard him in numerous TV-title tunes.

The album has been a long road. He says: " What can you do when all the other productions pass..." Also the decision to change the language from English to Finnish delayed the process. Since then he got additional lyrics from veterans like Esa Eloranta, Timo Kiiskinen and Yari, whos´lyrics " Eväät Hyvään Kesään" was heard on the first single.

The style on the album seems to be "Finnish relationships pondering" and the musical style ranges from blues to poprock, even americana. Speedy tells his heroes and major influences for the recent years have been Bruce Hornsby, Ry Cooder, Neil Young and Gerry Rafferty, whos`song "The Right Moment" is also covered on the album.




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