December 2015 Joulukuu
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Raja Crew: Optophobia is out!

Raja Crew is a band of five young musicians from Tampere, Finland. They don't want to be tied to one single genre as they describe their music:  "Our biggest influences are Jimi Hendrix, Kingston Wall, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Opeth, Rush and Pink Floyd.

Our music is made out of pure passion towards playing, but it is important for us what it stands for. The title of our debut album is Optophobia - also known as the fear of opening one's eyes. What it is that you don't want to see?"
For more information, visit:

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Jussi Syren And The Groundbreakers tenth release "Bluegrass Singer" is available in Running Moose´s Distribution on CD as well as digital release!

The album was cut live with no overdubs or corrections - a method familiar to the fans of this hard driving bluegrass group. Besides the title cut one can hear the first ever banjo tribute number on this album - "The Banjo Song". Tauri Oksala features six different banjo styles on this one , from Scruggs to Fairchild.

The traditional "close to the bridge - close to the mic" attitude leaves no questions to be asked. For more information, visit or

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This wonderful Christmas Album is now available in Running Moose´s Digital Distribution:Mervi Multamäki: Christmas Reverie!!

"Snow falls and the world seems to change overnight. "Christmas Reverie" is a truly unique Christmas album that at once sounds both brand new as well as nostalgically familiar.
Mervi Multamäki (the voice of many of Disney's animated heroines in Finland, including Belle, Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty) has adapted the beautiful melodies of selected impressionistic piano pieces of the early 1900s and re-introduces them as modern Christmas classics.

The album also includes a special bonus of a few traditional Finnish Christmas carols making their English language debut. Filled with lush harmonies and elegantly classic instrumentation decorated for the holidays, splashes of vibraphone, soaring strings, marimba, harp, and percussion lovingly celebrate the many emotions of the season.

Sir Karl Jenkins (Adiemus) says,
"Christmas Reverie is a brilliant and beautiful album. The singing is superb and brilliantly recorded. Mervi's multi-tracking of her own voice is a lesson to all as to how this should be done. The choice of material is imaginative with intriguing arrangements of some traditional and classical material, particularly some from French impressionist school of composers and, of course, Finland's greatest, Sibelius. The lyrics sound as though they were always part of the original songs, which, to pull off, is a tremendous achievement. Wallow in the serene sound. I recommend it."
October 2015 Lokakuu
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The Third album of Lauri "Arno" Ankerman & The Ankermen is a live one and comes out only on vinyl-LP!

The maestro of desert-sleighridesong-ragtime-boogie Lauri "Arno" Ankerman is here again with his fabulous The Ankermen group. "Mu(i)stelmia Tieltä" is a stiff collection familiar and also unreleased songs played live. With vinyl also comes a coupon with download possibility. Otherwise it is not available as download- or streaming release.

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New album of legendary finnish prog-fusion-jazz-rock group Elonkorjuu is out on Moose´s Distribution!

New "Footprints"-album is a studio-release that includes also some live tracks but it´s all new material. A very colourful, strong and mixed bag with style!

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September 2015 Syyskuu
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Running Moose Productions is starting vinyl production and we´re happy to start with this wonderful release!

Pale And the Roots of Love Plays the Music of Jimi Hendrix: Personal Contact


Vinyl album in a glorious gatefold sleeve featuring a stunning photo of Jimi Hendrix in concert in Helsinki, 22th of May, 1967. The vinyl album includes a bonus CD-single of "The Wind Cries Mary" with wonderful lead vocals by Reeta Vestman, this track is not found anywhere else! Limited collector’s edition,
release date March 2016.

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A stunning new album from multitalented Singer/songwriter Speedy Saarinen is also out in Running Moose´s Distribution!

Speedy Saarinen is a highly experienced, versatile musician who started playing guitar with bands already at school as a teenager.
He has always written his own music as the only cd releases have been the two Speedy Update band albums at the start of the 90`ies. But you may have heard him in numerous TV-title tunes.

The album has been a long road. Says he: " What can you do when all the other productions pass..." Also the decision to change the language from english to Finnish delayed the process. Since then he got additional lyrics from e.g. the veterans Esa Eloranta, Timo Kiiskinen and Yari, whos´lyrics " Eväät Hyvään Kesään" was heard on the first single.

The style on the album seems to be "finnish relationships pondering" and the musical style ranges from blues to poprock, even americana. Speedy tells his heroes and major influences for the recent years have been Bruce Hornsby, Ry Cooder, Neil Young and Gerry Rafferty, whos`song "The Right Moment" is also covered on the album.

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Octopie: The Adventure of Harry and Walrus Kane is out on Moose´s Distribution catalogue

A very fine theme-album from young talented progressive rock-group from Vantaa, Finland. It is a story of a character named Harry and his psychedelic dream.
The album is packed with nice digipack cover and 24-page booklet with all the lyrics and colourful pictures.

July 2015 Heinäkuu
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Puuma Records presents Earl Boncamper with Jarkka Rissanen & Friends debut-album "Love Mail"!

Earl S. Boncamper is a native of Nevis, a beautiful little island in the Caribbean. He is a natural born musical talent and groove maker and started building his musical career after moving to Finland in 1979. Earl has got an endless flow of catchy little songs with seducing melodies, topped with some groovy, down-to-earth lyrics. Together with his soulful and sensitive voice they make a truly unique mixture of Caribbean sounds and traditional r&b grooves. The key message of Earl Boncamper`s music is: love each other, have a good time!
Nothing wrong with that! Earl`s latest product, Love Mail, is a heart-warming proof of the old fact that good, honest and simple music can still take you to a better place.

Greetings from the Nevis man!
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Third Moonwagon -album "The Rule of Three" is out on Presence -label!

The sound of Moonwagon consists of space & hard rock, psychedelia, ambient and jazz. Debut album “Night Dust” was released in 2011. Band signed a distribution deal with Finnish label Running Moose Productions. Record received excellent feedback, and it was highly acclaimed in Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine being journalist Dom Lawson’s pick for the album of the year! A record deal with Running Moose was signed in 2012.

The second album "Foyers of the Future" came out soon after that, showing the sunnier side of Moonwagon. In the early 2013 keyboard player Ami Hassinen withdrew from the band to concentrate on his other musical things, and the rest of the band continue as a trio now having two keyboard players instead of one: Joni plays keys alongside the guitar and Janne plays keys & bass pedals in addition to the bass. Third album by reformed Moonwagon is out now and called "The Rule of Three".
June 2015 Kesäkuu
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New Esa Kotilainen album is out in Running Moose catalogue!!

After Turquoise Planet, -51 C, Soiva Tehdas aka The Clanging Factory and Perhosniitty Esa Kotilainen now lands on the oceans of planet earth. Ulappa - The Offing is an ambient-prog album, an ultimate hymn to all seas and oceans of this world. The whales sing in the lap of the keyboard waves.
Esa Kotilainen is the legendary keyboard-player and member of many succesful finnish bands and artists like Wigwam, Tasavallan Presidentti, Jukka Tolonen Band and Hector among many others.
Ulappa is the fifth Esa Kotilainen album on the Presece Records label.
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New Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto album is out in Running Moose catalogue!

The fourth Jari Rättyä-album and second with Käärmekeitto-group, Muistan kerran Baabelissa continues the powerful "Kainuu-Texas-Tiibet"-sound that is so characteristic to Käärmekeitto. The unecpected lyrics and arrangements make this unique album a finnish folk-blues classic.

May 2015 Toukokuu
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Full Moon Rock´n´Roll Band: Keep Rocking EP (Puuma Records)

FMRRB plays straight rock´n roll and this debut EP pays tribute to Johnny Winter. More material is coming later this year.
As Michael Monroe puts it:
"I highly recommend this Full Moon Rock’n’Roll Band EP.
It’s good old Rock’n’Roll with some Blues overtones and it grooves."
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Jari&Taika: Matkalla Maailmaan (Puuma Records)

Jari & Taika is a Finnish folk-pop band formed in the year 2004. It plays music mixing up rhythms and genres from international evergreens to Finnish pop music and own compositions.

The band tours mainly in Finland, but does sometimes gigs also a bit further away, such as in Vietnam!

Matkalla Maailmaan is the debut album of this wonderful folk-group!

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Raja Crew: Aisle Of Mist EP (Presence Records)

A three song debut EP from this wonderful prog-rock band that comes from Tampere, Finland.
The whole album is coming in August 2015!


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The Rack Doll released its first two singles in 2013 – the idea was to introduce the debut album as soon as possible. However, life got in the way: the vocalist Minna Ora’s breast cancer diagnosis ruined the plan.
During Minna Ora’s cancer treatments, the band continued to record in her studio ‘Black Moon’ and the recordings of the LP are her work. The pace got slower for a while but thanks to good treatment results, the album Hot City is finally completed and will be released on 15 May 2015.

A few tracks on the album are borrowed from Hurriganes but the band also composed many songs. Now it’s time for the Rack Doll to look far into the future energetically and confidently.
April 2015 Huhtikuu
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Stefan Piesnack Band: Twisty Road EP is finally finished and out as a new Puuma Release!

Through many changes in the band it has found the right guys - harmonic and steady ground to rock. Singer-guitarist, Stefan Piesnack (former member of Pelle Miljoona, Problems?, Hanoi Rocks) has a great deal with the "oldschool-blues-rock-punk-sound" of the band as a songwriter/composer. Common sound has been found, barriers are lost and there are no limits when band works as a team. You can purchase the album from Running Moose Labelshop.
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Joensuu Riihimäki: Greetings From The Edge Of The World is available in Puuma label!!

Joensuu Riihimäki-band comes Turku, Finland. This debut album is a colourful package of roots-oriented music mixed with excellent singer-songwriter stuff.

Sami Joensuu -vocals, bass, harmonica, banjo and acoustic guitar, Kari Riihimäki - electric and acoustic guitar, Moilu Moilanen - drums, backing vocals and percussion. You can purchase the album from Running Moose Labelshop.

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Pale And The Roots Of Love Play Jimi Hendrix: Personal Contact-album is out a new Presence-label release!!

At last a fresh-sounding view on Jimi Hendrix´s music and compositions. Personal Contact is an album that the guitars don´t dominate, the main instrument is accordion, as well as in main role is the wonderful lead-singer Reeta Vestman. Also the whole Roots Of Love Band play together like the´ve been born to play Hendrix.

The Roots Of Love is:
Reeta Vestman - Vocals
Pale Saarinen - Accordion
Anssi Nykänen - Drums and Percussions
Ape Anttila - Bass
Tuomas Metsberg - Guitars
Harri Taittonen - Steinway-Grand Piano, Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes

Check here
March 2015 Maaliskuu
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The 40th Anniversary album from Ärräpää Orchestra, called Going To Radansuu, is out on Puuma Records!!

The roots-texmex-rock´n roll group Ärräpää Orchestra celebrates this spring their 40th anniversary with gigs in Sao Paulo, Anaheim and Helsinki.
And this tasty new album expresses well the variety of styles they been playing through the years. From tex-mex to soul, from rhythm´n blues to rock´n roll and all with the real "good-time-going-on" feeling.
January 2015 Tammikuu
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The second album of Kepa Kettunen - "Gambler" is out in Puuma Records!!

Gambler is the second album by Finnish first-class musician Kepa Kettunen. It continues the path that his debut Long Prairie River (2009) started.
Solo guitar and drums: Kepa Kettunen, acoustic Rhythm Guitar: Jaku Havukainen, bass: Veede Sinivaara.
Strings: Jousikaiku Quartet
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Liipasinherkkä debut "Sinne Kadoksiin Kaikki" is out in Puuma Records!!

Powerful lyrics and compositions by the lead singer / guitarist Mikko Jalonen combined with Joona Lukala´s keyboards and soundscapes make Sinne Kadoksiin Kaikki of Liipasinherkkä-group, one of the one of the most interesting pop/rock albums in Finland in 2015! And not to forget Petri Maanpää on drums and Markku Mäkitalo on bass who together make the sparks fly as the perfect rhythm section for this unique band.
December 2014 Joulukuu
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A New fresh Jazz album Salaiva: Hänk our on Presence Label!

Salaiva is fat jazz/rock band with suprising dynamics and good entertainment value. Some high school friends from Jyväskylä, Finland just wanted to have fun making music. Songs are arranged hot-hot to serve the crisp melodies and the crew can´t keep away from hilarious improvisation. Enjoy the beauty while danger is waiting around the corner.
Crank it up and you can sink down to clarity!
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A New fresh Jazz album Pepa Päivinen & Good Romans: Ghost Of A Dog!

Pepa Päivinen & Good Romans, a freely improvising trio from Finland. Working together since 2012, they have performed at JaZZanti-series and Teatteri Kapsäkki amongst others. The trio describes the album as ”a mental long jump to no mans land, where one’s mind is free to wander”.
November 2014 Marraskuu
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Corvus Stone´s sensational second album II is out in Running Moose´s Distribution!

Already highly noticed and reviewed all over the prog world, this second album of Corvus Stone is now available in USA by Melodic Revolution Records and rest of the world by Running Moose Productions. The band is: Colin Tench (GB) (guitar), Pasi Koivu (FIN) (keyboards), Petri Lemmy Lindström (FIN) (bass) and Robert Wolff (USA) (drums). The special guests on this album are: Timo Rautiainen, who sings two songs, Phil Naro, Sean Filkins and Blake Carpenter (all vocals) among many others. The album cover art is by Sonia Mota.
Available in Japan by Garden Shed and in France by Musea Records. For more, tag:
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Saltwater Jinx debut is out in Moose´s Digital Distribution!

All you ever wanted to know about Helsinki Country Rock but were afraid to ask. Saltwater Jinx was originally fueled by a passion for American roots music from blues to bluegrass shared by friends in 1999.

In January 2014 the band decided to finally document their live set. Twelve cuts with vocals were played live in one busy day. Only percussions and solos were added later. Loud solos. The album mixed and finished by August.

Saltwater Jinx are a grand total of four guitars and a mandolin with four lead singers taking turns is the showcase the band promise to deliver where ever they fit on the stage. Or by the rest room door... More in Facebook
October 2014 Lokakuu
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Debut album of Frankie Say Relax is new Puuma Records release!

Debut album of young, energetic and talented pop-group from Helsinki, Finland. Such High Hopes is a colourful package of songs, moods and feelings full of passion and joy.
More in Facebook

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Progeland´s first album Gate To Fulfilled Fantasies is available in Moose´s Distribution!

The first album of Progeland Gate To Fulfilled Fantasies is out in USA by Melodic Revolution Records and in Europe by Running Moose Productions. It´s a concept album, yet each track can be enjoyed as individual song. The inspiration of the lyrics can be found in the mythology of the ancient Egypt, but the lyrics aren’t based on any specific story or myth. The album cover art is by Sonia Mota.

Check the albums teaser-video in Youtube
and more about the band in Facebook.
September 2014 Syyskuu
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New single and video release of Ronin (earlier Guisers of Downtown) As I Wave is available!!

As I Wave is a song that is sad, eerie and yet so beautiful at the same time. It is the perfect soundtrack for autumn. The video directed by Petri Lahtinen completes the song and takes you even deeper to the story inside the music. The production was done with top level music industry professionals in Finland and abroad.

Vocals were produced by Mikko Herranen and mixing was done by none other than the man behind Devin Townsend: Shaun Thingvold.
As I Wave was also spotted by director Jesse Haaja. He was very impressed and long story short the song will also be on the soundtrack for the upcoming Finnish action movie Rendel.

All and all Ronin is an exciting new band in the mix of Finnish music scene Just listen and see and As I Wave will speak for itself.
Check the video here:
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Also the third single of Saku Ryhänen called Morsian is out!

The artist himself describes the song like this:"longing for pure love in the edge of the dreamworld and reality. Sometimes telling the difference between these two states is tricky. This is what Morsian is all about.".
Check the song in Spotify:

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Something´s At The Sky´s debut-album From The Rain is out now on Presence-label!

Something's At The Sky is a rock band from Finland, playing extreme melodic rock music. The band was founded in 2010 by the band's singer Alan Kimbrian. The will was to assemble a group of musicians to create music with the spirit of Queen and Porcupine Tree.

In 2011 the band found its key members and work for band's music started to take shape at their training house in Helsinki. The band's first
EP “Marking the Beginning” was recorded at the Seawolf Studios in August 2012 and published as a CD and digitally in SoundCloud. The band's music is recognizable for powerful melodies and Kimbrian's classical singing style. The extraordinary compositions also reflect the
band's enthusiasm for progressive music.

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The first solo-album from Mikko Iivanainen is out on Presence-label!

Last Room is the first solo album of guitarist and composer Mikko Iivanainen best known for his work with Nordic Trinity, Johanna Iivanainen and Tuomas Holopainen among many others.

This is a theme-album that Mikko´s been working on the last three years. The music on the album is an adventurous journey to cinematic and atmospheric soundscapes with the presence of ambient and progressive influences. Also the album´s quest list is kind of adventurous: Aija Puurtinen vocals, Kari Aalto (Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät) vocals, Johanna Iivanainen vocals, Matti Kervinen voice,
Mikko Kaakkuriniemi (Von Hertzen Brothers) drums, Abdissa `Mamba´Assefa percussions, Pasi Eerikäinen violin, Laura Airola violin, Mauri Kuokkanen viola, Riikka Lampinen cello.

Last Room is mostly recorded and mixed by Tero “TeeCee” Kinnunen and mastered by Svante Forsbäck. Check the first video here:
More also:
August 2014 Elokuu
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New two track single is out from Jäälähde-group on Running Moose´s Digital Distribution!

Jäälähde (wordplay on jää ice; stay and lähde spring, source; leave ) was started in 1999 in Porvoo and plays rock with deep, witty and
meaningful Finnish lyrics. Only mainstay, singer and principal songwriter Kalle Fougstedt remains of the original lineup, and it s his vision that defines Jäälähde s music. Bandmates Eero Jussila (gtr), Teemu Horto (b) and Kim Kannussaari (dr) bring their synergy to the whole. Kalle and Eero have been performing as an acoustic duo for several years, whereas Eero, Teemu and Kim have been playing together in other bands since 2009. Download
single Nero olohuoneessa/Meen mihin meen is a foretaste of the band´s upcoming full album.
More in Facebook.
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First single from Something´s At The Sky´s debut album is out as Running Moose´s digital download-release!

Something´s At The Sky is a rock band from Finland, playing extreme melodic rock music. The band's music is recognizable for powerful melodies and Kimbrian's classical singing style.

The extraordinary compositions also reflect the band's enthusiasm for progressive music. First single Trust is from their fourthcoming debut From The Rain that will be out in september 2014.
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Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto new single and video!

Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto band´s new single is out as Puuma Records digi- & promorelease. It contains two new songs from their soon-to-be-released fourth album. The songs are "Pyhä Johanna" and "Nää Perkele". You can check the fabulous video here
and more news here

July 2014 Heinäkuu
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New Puuma Records release Frankie Say Relax: Better Than Ever promo- and digital download-single is out!

The debut single "Better That Ever" from young, energetic and talented group Frankie Say Relax is available. The song is the first example from their forthcoming Such High Hopes -album that will be out in september.

You can check the stunning video of this great song here in Youtube. The band also starts their famous acoustic "living room tour" 1.7.2014 so you can possibly here them live in your own living room if you´re quick. More info in their Facebook - site.
June 2014 Kesäkuu
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A new download single is out - Joensuu Riihimäki: Joe´s Café Blues / A Pale Wind out on Puuma record!!

Joensuu Riihimäki is a brand new duo combined by Kari Riihimäki and Sami Joensuu. Two new songs are from their fourthcoming album - a nice and colourful combination of roots oriented singer/songwriter stuff.

For more information, look
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Third download single of singer/songwriter Saku Ryhänen is also out on Puuma Records!!

James ja Baker is a very nice and catchy pop-song that has already got a good radioplay on some Finland´s radiostations.
More:Look at Sakus Facebook site here

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Wolf Larsen´s second album Totarti is also out in Running Moose´s digital distribution!!

Three years after Wolf Larsen´s debut Viapori (1998) came Totarti, the second album in 2001. At that time the group was trio: Matti Kervinen, Hannu Leidén and Teijo Tikkanen. Totarti was more world music oriented and it was mostly recorded in Greece in a place called Tarti in Lesbos and in Paleochora, Crete.

It was finished, mixed and mastered in Seawolf Studios Suomenlinna, Helsinki. Among the musical guests on the album are Jarmo Saari, Tapani Rinne, Arto Järvelä, Tero Mikkonen, Jukka Perko, Hepa Halme, Arttu Takalo and Sofia Lakopoulos.
May 2014 Toukokuu
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Velhovaarin Lauluja CD-album out in Running Moose Distribution starring Mari Rantasila, Jonsu and Ira Kaspi!

Velhovaaren Lauluja aka Velhovaari Tales is a collection of childrens music and songs
based on a famous childrens book-serie Velhovaari by Art House Oy.

The songs are mostly composed and all-the-way produced by Ape Anttila.
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Hendrix Rhapsody: Pale Saarinen Plays The Music Of Jimi Hendrix CD-EP is out on Presence Records!

A well-known Finnish musician and composer Pale Saarinen has arranged and recorded Jimi Hendrix music with his accordion and an orchestra on this outstanding 5-piece CD-EP! The band includes Finnish first-class musicians like Anssi Nykänen, Mikko Löytty, Marzi Nyman and Juhani Aaltonen.
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Lemuria´s second album Etsijän Osa is out on glorious gatefold-sleeve vinyl LP!

Folk-rock group from Pirkanmaa is here again with delicious second album also available in Running Moose Distribution.
The package also includes the CD.

April 2014 Huhtikuu
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Wonderful debut from melodic soul-pop group Tears Apart is out in Moose´s Distribution!

Tears Apart plays emotional soul with a twist of pop music. Its debut album is a collection of original songs, where each song makes a unique atmosphere from strong emotion to smooth floating.

Stacks Image 2108

New Kataya-album "Lives" out in Moose Distribution!

The third Kataya album is a live-kind of one representing the Kataya live-combo recorded live from two different gigs.

Both live shows were from the record-release gigs, the first from Club Liberte from Canto Obscura release-party December 2008 and the other from Belly recorded in October 2010 from the Voyager-gig. Among the guests are Mikko and Johanna Iivanainen.
Stacks Image 2095

New album of Contemporary Dead Finnish Music Ensemble "Dark Matters" is out in Running Moose Distribution!!

CDFME is a musical community with sole purpose to bring good music to the world. The Ensemble was born in year 2000 out of the need to bring back some of the more ambitious and progressive music that had to go literally underground in the 1980's and -90's.

The two previous releases of CDFME, “Ideal Standards Vol. 1” in 2004 and “Land of Hope” in 2009 were well-received and got very good reviews. “Dark Matters” is a natural continuation and evolution from that. The musicians are seasoned professionals and share the same motto: “Let's rock while making MUSIC!“.

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The ethnic fusion orchestra AALTO´s second album "Ikaro" now available in Running Moose catalogue!

AALTO locates in city of Tampere, and was formed in year 2006. In their tonal art they merge Tuvan throat singing, Indian sitar contemplations, Scandinavian folk dronings and vintage rock trio basis as their own sound, flavored with both African and Near-East details and warm personal touch. Their musical richness and convincing approach is guaranteed by the players academic background on ethnic music, and the group's various musical elements have matured as unique musical language of their own during the years.

Compositions are mostly of their own writing, enriched with few arrangements from traditional songs.
Their first EP was released in 2008, and first full length CD in 2012 and now´s the time of "Ikaro".

Stacks Image 2084

The third Ancient Bear Cult album out in Running Moose Distribution!

Ancient Bear Cult is a Finnish folk music band that draws its inspiration from prehistoric and early medieval soundscapes. All of the instruments used by the band have a history of hundreds of years, so it is possible that similar bands have existed in the distant past.

Since no music has survived from those times, neither as sheet music nor any other form, the members of A.B.C. have composed most of the songs in the band's repertoire by themselves, with the exception of performing also some old European folk tunes. Sammalikossa is the third album of this group.

February 2014 Helmikuu
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Record Fair and Prog-concert in Rekolan Kino in Vantaa 1.3.2014!

A record fair -day and prog-concert later in the evening is going to happen with two Running Moose/ Presence artists Esa Kotilainen and Pax Romana. The whole event will take place at Rekolan Kino in Vantaa - an old movie theatre scene. The fair starts at 11.00 and closes at 15.00. The concert starts at 18.00 and keyboard-wizard Esa Kotilainen is going to play his seventies Love Records-classic Ajatuslapsi. Then Pax Romana will end the evening playing material from all the three albums Trace of Light, And The Dance Begins Again and Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground.

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Mika Vanhanen Ensemble´s grooving and colouful debut Punainen Lipas is available in Running Moose Distribution Shop!!

Mika Vanhanen Ensemble plays bluesy jazz with elements from stage music. Music varies from moods of Berlin in 30's to Second line stuff in New Orleans, from bossanova to lyric vocals. Lyrics are focused on stories and in Finnish, but also available online in English. Songs are composed by Mika Vanhanen.

Stacks Image 565

Alpha Indigo´s debut album out in Moose´s Distribution Shop!

Hailing from a small town in eastern Finland, Alpha Indigo is a fresh and eager rock
band. Mixing garage rock elements such as raw vintage guitar sounds, piano &
Farfisa organ with bluesy, crunchy Stones-esque riffs and big stadion-compatible
choruses, they´ve found their own sound. Add lyrics that go deeper than your average yeah-yeahs, you got the songs of Alpha Indigo.
Please note that this CD-album comes in gorgeous Gatefold LP-Sleeve

January 2014 Tammikuu
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Lauri "Arno" Ankerman & The Ankermen: Pimeään Pihaan is out in Moose´s Distribution!

The second album of Lauri "Arno" Ankerman who now have the fabulous Ankermen -band with him. Natural sounding blues songs with strong lyrics and real touch of live feeling.
The artist himself describes his music as "elegant deltasleighsongragtimeboogie". ´Nuff said?

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The second Samsara Recordigs release, Chapter One´s never-before-released debut album "One" is out on Running Moose´s Distribution Catalogue!

Chapter One played melodic prog tinged rock and pop in the dawn of the eighties and was second in Finnish Rock Championship Competition in 1983.

They recorded their debut in the very same year, produced by Tommi Liuhala, but was never released - until now. The second album "Two" is set to release in august 2014.

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New year 2014 and new Presence Records release!!

We wish you Happy New Year 2014 and are proud to start it with a very fine new Presence Records release: Jouni Lehtonen´s U.N.i and their first album Dreamland. You´ll find it from all digital stores, well equipped music stores and of course from our Label Shop.
U.N.i is a band project created by composer and multi-instrumentalist Jouni Lehtonen. Dreamland, a collection of 10 songs stylistically moving somewhere between progrock, folk and electronic, with some tango, circus and celtic styles thrown in. All the music was written, arranged and produced by Jouni Lehtonen.
Several guest musicians took part in making of the record, most notably Petra Lehtonen (no relation to Jouni) who sang the lead vocals. All the lyrics are adaptations from public domain poems by for example William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll and Sara Teasdale.
The participation of this "dead poets society" gives the project a unique flavor in its own right, not to mention the compositions themselves which have a somewhat cinematic feel to them -perhaps due to Jouni's previous involvements in the theatre scene and music for picture.
December 2013 Joulukuu
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Satu Paavola: Charles-Valentin Alkan - Works for Solo Piano, excellent classical piano album is out via Running Moose Distribution Shop! 2013 - the bicentennial of a French virtuoso pianist and composer Charles-Valentin Alkan (1813 - 1888)!

In a new recording by a Finnish pianist Satu Paavola some of Alkan's finest works were chosen to celebrate this distinctive romantic personality. The recording includes undisputed romantic gems as tremendous Grande Sonate "Four Ages of a man" and animalistic "Aesop's Feast", known for their exciting programmatic content. Alkan's unique style combines daring musical solutions with sincere beauty. This leads to heartbreakingly strong emotional experience that catches the listener even nowadays!
Stacks Image 546

Målby´s "Palaan, palaan" first out as Digital Download release!

Målby started in 2006 among friends. The musicians are from different parts of Finland, from east and west but now they operate in Helsinki. "Palaan, palaan" is their debut album and has already got a very good radio response! The CD-album will be released later next year. Check for more / Målby

Available now in 24/7 Entertainment,7 Digital,Basepoint,Cricket Muve Music,Deezer,Deutsche Telecom / MusicLoad,Gogoyoko,Google,Gracenote,Gramo,Amazon,HelloJuneNet,JB Hi-Fi Now,Klicktrack Music Store,Media Service Provider
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Musta Kuu-band´s debut album Totta Tai Tarua is available in Running Moose Distribution!

Musta Kuu plays straight-forward-guitar-oriented-finnish-rock. Recorded, mixed and mastered by legendary Hannu Leidén in Seawolf Studios, Helsinki. Now out also in Running Moose Distribution Shop as well as Digital Download.

November 2013 Marraskuu
Stacks Image 538

Kudos: Live at Rekolan Kino, the first of the Samsara Recordings out in Running Moose Distribution!

Kudos had it’s roots in Kataya -live band that Matti Kervinen and Sami Sarhamaa formed the nucleus, but they needed the able hands
and feet of Samu Wuori (Guitar, keys), Tomi Laaksonen (Drums) and Juha Aronen (Bass) in order to perform Kataya songs live. After the second “Voyager” album, the live band was further enhanced with Pauli Päiviö (Keyboards).

After Kataya decided to have a break, the live group (minus Matti and Juha) felt there still was a reason or two for continuing. Jaakko Kiikeri also joined to play the other guitar and Samu Wuori took care of the bass. They started rehearsals on January 2011 by taking a Kataya song “Mindfrost” apart, at first the aim was just to rearrange it
but quite soon there was nothing left of the original song. The final product is the first song of the set, “From the Ground Up”.

The set consist of new original songs with two exceptions: Putkivaara is Sami´s composition from Kataya’s first “Canto Obscura” release and “Kindest Fool” is a leftover from my first Sam Marsala release “Scapes & Tracks”.
The result is first class Finnish prog-rock.

Running Moose Productions has also made a deal to release four old and new interesting Samsara Recordings namely:

Chapter One : One 17.1.2014 (SR#1)
Kataya : Live 18.4.2014 (SR#4)
Chapter One : Two 15.8.2014 (SR#2)
PS. : Parhaat Vuodet 14.11. 2014 (SR#3)

So stay tuned!!!
October 2013 Lokakuu
Stacks Image 530

New download-single release, single "Näin" from Kalle Fält!

Known from many successful Finnish bands, Kalle Fält is part of Finnish rock history but still also an active singer and songwriter.

"Näin" is his brand new solo material and features Jarkka Rissanen and Esu Hirvonen on guitars.

Available now on download & streaming!
Stacks Image 535

New download-single release from Saku Ryhänen!

Singer/songwriter Saku Ryhänen comes from Nokia, born in Savo, Lapinlahti. He’s composed and done lyrics since 1995 and the genre of his music is close to Finnish rock-pop, at times with a small folk twist in it. First author’s edition CD was released in 2010 with an band named Kap Verde (Kap Verde – Pariisi) and after that came the second author’s edition "Hiljainen metsä" (Silent forest) (2011).

During year 2013 he has already released a single “Köyhä poika” (Poor Boy) in June and now a new single “Tänä yönä” (This Night) According to the reviews Ryhänen’s music combines the realism, dreams and memories in a pleasant way. For more information, read

Available now on download & streaming!
September 2013 Syyskuu
Stacks Image 322

Marja Mattlar: Musiikkiura omin päin - a memoirbook of her career is out!

There will be a deep insight to Marja Mattlar´s music career in a new book ("Music-career in her own way") that is available in Running Moose
Distribution Shop
. The book is edited by her husband Tapio Mattlar. The book is only in finnish language.

"Marja Mattlar - musiikkiura omin päin" on laulaja-lauluntekijä Marja Mattlarin mitä, missä, milloin -musiikkielämäkerta. Toisintekijämuusikon tarinaa on laajennettu ja syvennetty haastattelusitaateilla, levy- ja konserttiarvioilla, kuulijoiden palautteilla sekä otteilla työskentelypäiväkirjoista.

Määrätietoisuus, pitkäjänteisyys ja oman tyylin vaaliminen kaikessa tekemisessä ovat mahdollistaneet ainutlaatuisen marginaalimusiikkiuran luomisen. Kirjan 330 sivua ja yli 200 kuvaa dokumentoivat yksittäisen muusikon työtä, mutta nostavat samalla esiin myös viime vuosikymmeninä vallinneita suuntauksia ja käytäntöjä suomalaisessa musiikkiteollisuudessa, mediakulttuurissa ja säveltaiteen tukipolitiikassa.
August 2013 Elokuu
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Debut album from finnish pop-rock group Luomakunnan Kruunu is out!

Luomakunnan Kruunu comes from Iisalmi and was first set up in the middle of eighties. It rested the 90s and got the new start in 2008. Their first album includes ten catchy rocksongs.

Some have influences of Manse-rock, some of finnish new-wave/punk scene bands like Ratsia, but most of all
they have a very personal touch of their own. For more information, visit

Hiidensointi`s second album Ovia Ja Aikoja is out in Moose´s Distribution!

Hiidensointi is a new Finnish folk-prog band from Tampere with female lead vocals and some flavour of Kalevala-ish folklore in the lyrics. Ovia ja Aikoja ("Doors and Times") is their second album and includes nine songs of their own. One lyric comes from the legendary finnish poet Eino Leino the others are by the lead singer Nina Hiironniemi . The new album is now available in Moose Distribution shop as well as in all decent record- and download-shops. For more information, look at!/pages/hiidensointi/137886036238840?fref=ts

New Wäinötär Download-EP out in Running Moose´s Digital Distribution!

A folk- / worldmusic group Wäinötär is here again with six new songs available via all the Download Shops.
Songs are the new-born bands versions of old finnish folk favourites like Talon Tyttö or Karjalan Kunnailla. Wäinötär 2013 is Mirka Sirkkanen -vocals, Petri Savolainen -guitars, bass, keyboards and Tomi Laaksonen -drums and percussions.

Let the group itself have the final words: "We have a calling. We have a dream: to plant the firm roots of our Finnish heritage in the rich soil of global tradition, to set it abloom into music that will reach beyond barriers of time and all borders of the world. To hear our ancestors' instruments resound in harmony.

Mirka's unique singing draws its passion equally from ethno/folks' timeless themes and fresh contemporary sounds, while the lyrics echo the spirit of Kalevala, Finnish folklore and ancient beliefs. But what is Finland?

Clusters of city lights flickering among the dense snow-covered forests and landscapes of endless lakes. And what is Wäinötär? A wreath of woodland smoke circling under street lamps, carried on by kilobytes and then all the way back to be blown by the North wind."

Wolf Larsen´s debut album Viapori, released in 1998 is available again on Moose´s Distribution catalogue!

Wolf Larsen -groups first album Viapori was released in summer 1998 and by that time Wolf Larsen was Hannu Leidén, Matti Kervinen, Petri Majuri and Teijo Tikkanen.

The album´s theme was based on the legends and stories that had happened in Suomenlinna aka Viapori, the Sea Fortress outside Helsinki. The group recorded sounds of nature and sounds of the living in the island (like ferry, the deck etc.) and made those as a soundtrack and loops of the songs on the album.

The musical guests on the album are Pekka Pohjola (bass on Love Pond), Pepa Päivinen (soprano sax on Waltzing Iceblocks), Pekka Lehti (upright bass on The Seals Of Harmaja), Mika Pesonen (soprano sax on 1906), Raul Vaigla (bass on Shipyard Shuffle) and Maria Hänninen (vocals on The Ballad Of Arkadi).

The Download version of Viapori includes three bonus tracks: The Ballad Of Arkadi, Chinese Cemetery (Chinahouse remix) and The Seals Of Harmaja (Riisuttu Remix). They are from the theatre play 1906 - The Ballad of the Rebellion that was performed in Suomenlinna during the summer of 1998. It was based on the book by Paavo Rintala.

New Jukka Syrinius Band: Hard Labour - Live at Aallonmurtaja is out in Running Moose Distribution!

Jukka Syrenius is best-known from the Finnish classic-rock band Elonkorjuu whose debut LP Harvest Time which is one of the most "hard-to-find" items in Finnish music scene.

Recorded in 2.2.2013 in Pub Aallonmurtaja,  Mäntyluoto, Pori this album is a powerful proof of JSB playing - Live. Jukka himself on guitar and vocals, Ape Anttila on bass and Kepa Kettunen on drums.

This is a tribute to working class all over the world, as they mention in albums booklet and Hard Labour - indeed.
June 2013 Kesäkuu

Esa Kotilainen new solo-album Perhosniitty is out!

We are happy to announce that after Turquoise Planet, -51 C and Soiva Tehdas aka The Clanging Factory Esa Kotilainen and his friends are now landing on Perhosniitty (meaning Butterrfly Meadow). The legendary keyboard-wizard and member of many succesful finnish bands and artists like Wigwam, Jukka Tolonen Band and Hector collaborates now with Peter Lerche -guitars, Eerik Siikasaari -basses and Anssi Nykänen -drums and percussions. With different kinda accordions Esa plays Minimoog and Mellotron on this beatuful new masterpiece. Available at Running Moose Label Shop!

May 2013 Toukokuu

Ruma Ankanpoikanen - The Ugly Duckling Ballet Music by Tauno Marttinen out in Running Moose Distribution!

The music of the Ballet Ugly Duckling, based on the fairytale written by H.C. Andersen, has been released again.
Played by The 29 Members of The Radio Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Alf Nybo the whole album has also been remastered and is available in all decent record-shops as well as in all Download-shops. The Ballet will be performed in Alexander´s Theatre in Helsinki during 25.5.-30.5.2013.

The Guisers of Downtown debutsingle out 7.6.2013 on Puuma Records!

Puuma Records is proud to announce that the debut promosingle of highly talented the most energetic hip-hop/pop/rap-group The Guisers of Downtown "Dream And Nightmare!" will be out 7.6.2013.

Check out the videoteaser of the song and their Facebook-site at

Sam Marsala´s second album is available in Running Moose´s Distribution!

Sam Marsala the alter ego of Sami Sarhamaa, the musical visionary known also from Liquid Wolf and Kataya, has released his second solo-album called Trails of Mist.

It´s a beautiful ambient-influenced journey and as the man himself describes it: "the instrumentation is a hybrid of electronics, acoustic and electric guitar and acoustic piano. Trails of Mist is a journey, be it within or outward. Happy wandering!"

Retro Kings: Over The Moon available in Running Moose Distribution catalogue!

From Mikkeli, Finland comes the roots-music group Retro Kings. They have brought together some swing and blues, jazz, old rock and even latin music, to make it our own - great music with timeless touch!

Top class finnish folk-group FoLKRÖRELSEN and their debut "Släpp In Publiken" is out in Moose´s Distribution Shop!

FoLKRÖRELSEN is a band that plays instrumental songs written by Riddo Ridberg (born 1960 in Pargas, a small town in Southwestern Finland). Finnish minor key melodies are mixed with major key melodies of the Swedish musical tradition, and this blend is then seasoned with pop harmonies. The result sounds a bit like Konsta Jylhä meets Benny Anderssons Orkester (BAO), add a bit of Ridberg’s pop influences. Fiddle player Marianne Maans is one of the soloists in the band; Ridberg himself plays the harmonium. Their first album, Släpp in publiken, was released in April 2013. The album features a tribute to Konsta Jylhä (Vaiennut harmoni) along with 15 other new songs by Ridberg..

Tai Shan´s wonderful second album Iceflower is out in Running Moose´s Distribution!

Tai Shan, a four man group from Kemijärvi, Finland blends beautiful and sparkling instrumental fusion with influences from, prog-, jazz-, world- and oriental music.

April 2013 Huhtikuu

New Puuma Records release Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto: Kuljet Heidän keskellään is out!

The third album of Jari Rättyä and this time with a new band: Käärmekeitto, is a strong mixture of personal songs and lyrics that won´t leave any listener cold. Käärmekeitto as a band has grown to a powerful musical weapon that puts Jari´s musical ideas and thoughts to a whole new effective level.

Scarlet Thread´s third album Never Since is out on Running Moose Distribution!

The third album folk-prog rocker´s from Oulu, Scarlet Thread is finally available on Moose´s Distribution as well as in all Download-shops. Called Never Since this is the first full length non-instrumental album of ST and features beautiful vocals of Mari Vuoritie.

Regular band members at the time were Jani Timoniemi (guitar), Sami Hiltunen (guitar), Erja Pätsi (violin), Jere Nivukoski (drums) and Janne Tuovinen (bass). Additional musicians contributing to this album were Pekka Elsilä on flute and Pasi Hiltula on keyboards
March 2013 Maaliskuu

Art Deco´s debut album is out on Running Moose Distribution catalogue!!

Art Deco's debut album Syvään Uneen (Into a Deep Sleep) offers a dreamlike journey across varying and sometimes even surprising atmospheres and stories. The songs of the album ruthlessly combine different styles of popular music, moving fluently from lottery fusion to soft pop rock and, furthermore, to prog rock diving straight into the deeps of the sea.

Art Deco was established in Jyväskylä, Finland, in 2004. In the beginning of 2011 after years of rehearsing, songwriting, a few line-up changes and random gigs the band finally marched in to a studio to record its debut album in collaboration with producer Teemu Laukkanen.

Art Deco's current six-piece line-up features Jaana Mäkinen (vocals), Antti Koivistoinen (guitars), Tuomo Suhonen (guitars), Olli Autio (keyboards), Teijo Kostiainen (bass) and Olli Kalmari (drums). For more information click

New Sorrowhearts -album is out on Running Moose Distribution catalogue!

If you have any passion in your heart to a true irish groove in music and you like the attitude of bands like Pogues, Alarm or Clash, Sorrowhearts is a band for you should check. Their second album The Congregation & The Kingdom Gone is now available in Moose´s Distribution Shop as well as in all record-stores. Among their smashing own songs there´s a killer cover-version of Slade´s Run Runaway.
For more information, click

Rikk Eccent: The Garden Of Delights is out!

Rikk Eccent is the brainchild of Kimmo Salmela, whose guitar and keyboard skills helped to define the sound of bands as diverse as Poverty Stinks, Päät and JSS, in addition to his work behind many leading Finnish artists.

On the album ‘The Garden of Delights’, he delivers music like nothing else: a bit like Steely Dan songs played by a guitar-driven Depeche Mode, produced by David Gilmour and mixed by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent.

It’s experimental but focused; atmospheric but not dreamy at all; highly edgy but deeply poetic at the same time. The album is out in Moose´s Distribution Shop as well as in all decent download-shops

New Puuma Records release: Aikapommi: 2013 is available!

Young power-rock trio from Nummela, Finland with their full-of-energy songs. You can hear echoes of Hurriganes, The Police or Foo Fighters in their debut, but most of all it is high octane finnish guitar-rock!
F*ck Auto-tune! Pure music! More about Aikpommi on Puuma Records band page and
February 2013 Helmikuu

Folk-duo Vellamo´s debut album Vellamo is available in Running Moose Distribution!

Vellamo is Pia Leinonen and Joni Tiala (also known as the guitarist/composer of Moonwagon). Their debut combines the rich tradition of Finnish folksong with an appealing “retro” sensibility (recalling the likes of Judy Collins or Richard and Mimi Fariña), creating an exotic and magical acoustic experience. Pia and Joni have even been known to sneak in a “Vellamo-ized” Jethro Tull song now and then just to shake things up! A visit to the world of Vellamo is an enchanting, educational and unforgettable musical journey. This debut was recorded in Vermont USA and they´ve already made two tours in USA playing folk-clubs over there.

Nicklas Grönholm´s debut album is out on Running Moose Distribution!

Nicklas Grönholm is a man and musician, singer and songwriter who is active making songs and playing his music around Finland with his band. This is his powerful debut combining pop, soul and disco.
January 2013 Tammikuu

Nordic Trinity catalogue available also in Running Moose Distribution Shop!

We are happy to announce that all four albums of Finnish jazz high class trio Nordic Trinity are available also in Moose´s Distribution shop. The group- Junnu Aaltonen sax, Mikko Iivanainen guitars and Klaus Suonsaari drums has made four albums: Wonders Never Cease, Eternal Echoes, Plays the music of Edward Vesala and the new one Live!!!
For more information, click here!

Suomenlinnan Suolakurkut is out on Running Moose´s Distribution Catalogue

Suomenlinnan Suolakurkut is a fresh and tasty trio from Suomenlinna, Helsinki. Their second album Liemi mixes folk, pop, jazz, afro or whatever style they need to tell a good story. In Liemi -album there´s dozen of those, good stories, take a listen and get your copy from our Distribution Shop!

For more information look at
October 2012 Lokakuu

Pax Romana´s "Let All Men Know - This is Sacred Ground" out In Presence Records!!

"Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground" is Pax Romana's third album. The band has matured and new stories are been told. We hope you'll love it.

As Michael Anthony wrote in CD Revies: "They must be putting something in the water in Finland. Something good. Not content with gifting the world the fabulous Von Hertzen Brothers, the Finns have also incubated and unleashed again the re-energised, re-vitalised joy that is Pax Romana.

Initially forming in their mid-teens in 1970, it didn’t really happen for them back then. But with friendships, values and musical influences intact, Pax Romana seem to be experiencing a very creative and productive second coming.

In fact, ‘Let All Men Know – This Is Sacred Ground’ is their third album, following ‘Trace of Light’ (2005) and ‘And the Dance Begins Again’ (2009). The musical influences span progressive rock and ‘ambient’ folk, though the songs themselves are, for the most part, crisp and accessible, and you might even hear a touch of Leonard Cohen, Mark Knopfler and Chris Rea in there."

More about the review here. For sale in Moose Shop.

Liquid Wolf¨s first Album "First Light" Out in 5th of November on Running Moose´s Distribution List!

Liquid Wolf is Sami Sarhamaa´s (Kataya, Kudos, PS. etc.) project and brain child. He got “a little help” from his fellow musicians Teijo Tikkanen (Kataya, Alpha Indigo, Wolf Larsen), Samu Wuori (GG Caravan, Kataya etc.), Sami Kuoppamäki (Kingston Wall …big “etc”) and Pepa Päivinen (Pepa Päivinen Quartet, Sound & Fury etc.).

This music encompasses many moods and atmospheres. The easiest way would be to put it under the genre of “new finnish prog-rock” but there´s definitely more than that. It’s a delicate dance between the brighter soundscapes and darker side with low, distorted guitars. That dance manages to keep You in it’s tight but tender grip from the first bar to the last.

How Many Sisters new album "Ikävä omia maita" on Running Moose Distribution Catalogue!

The new album Ikävä omia maita is a journey through Finnish nature and state of mind inspired by poetry and folklore. A unique collection of vocal and instrumental music interpreted by vocal group How Many Sisters, conductor Kirmo Lintinen and Tapiola Sinfonietta. The album is now available in Running Moose´s Distribution Shop.

Jari Rättyän & Käärmekeiton materiaalia julkaistu Luomustudiossa!

Luomustudio on musiikkimedia, joka julkaisee videoita artisteista soittamassa omaa musiikkiaan akustisesti. Luomustudiossa yhtye esittää kappaleen Kallen vapauslaulu Teatteri Ilmi Ö:ssä Helsingissä. Kannattaa katsoa Käärmekeiton aina hersyvää esitystä täältä.
September 2012 Syyskuu

Moonwagon´s second album Foyers Of The Future out 3.9.2012 on Presence Records!

Running Moose Productions and Moonwagon band have made a record-deal and so the second album from these finnish west-coast proggers will be out on Presence-label 3.9.2012. The new album combines space-rock, psychedelia and ambient in a very fine and personal way. The first album "Night Dust" was highly praised and reviewed among all progheads and prog-media all over the world.

The release concert of this new album will be 16.11.2012 at Sture 21 -Club Helsinki, together with Pax Romana, whose third album Let All Men Know - This is Sacred Ground will also be available later in september 2012.

How Many Sisters with Kirmo Lintinen and Tapiola Sinfonietta new album on Running Moose Distribution!

For over 30 years, How Many Sisters (Anna-Mari Kähärä, Pirjo Aittomäki and Mervi Hiltunen) has been one of the leading vocal groups in Finland. Their distinctive trademark sound is truly unique: three voices that  seamlessly blend to sound like one instrument. The new album Ikävä omia maita is a journey through Finnish nature and state of mind inspired by poetry and folklore. A unique collection of vocal and instrumental music interpreted by vocal group How Many Sisters, conductor Kirmo Lintinen and Tapiola Sinfonietta. The album will be out on 17th of september in record shops as well as in all decent download-shops.
July 2012 Heinäkuu

New material from Jari Rättyä and his new band Käärmekeitto!

Puuma Records presents: Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto: Schlaager (Ulriikasta) / Kallen vapauslaulu (PUUCDS 008) is out as promosingle and as a download-version from 20.6.2012. Both songs are from the forthcoming album coming out in the fall 2012.
Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto yhtyeensä julkaisee singlen verran uutta materiaalia juhannuksen kynnyksellä 18.6.2012. Lätty sisältää häikäilemättömän hienot kappaleet “Schlaager (Ulriikasta)” sekä “Kallen vapauslaulu”, jotka on tallennettu Seawolf-studiolla Helsingissä. Tämä promo-julkaisu on etiäinen tulevalta, loppuvuodesta ilmestyvältä albumilta.
June 2012 Kesäkuu

Crazy World: Return Of The Clown -Rock Opera

Sensational rock-opera Crazy World´s THE RETURN OF THE CLOWN will be out 25.7.2012 in Running Moose Production´s Presence -label!

It will also available as a download-version as well as a double vinyl. The vinyl version will be released by Jäänsärkijä Records.

Crazy World
is Lauri Porra: bass & vocals Anssi Nykänen: drums and percussion Timo Kämäräinen: guitars, vocals and piano Esa Kotilainen: Hammond B-3. Moog and Mellotron Mika Järvinen: vocals and harmonica. A very special THE RETURN OF THE CLOWN-release party is set to be in Tavastia -club helsinki 30.8.2012. Released soon in Running Moose Label Shop!! Stay Tuned!!

Jeavestone´s second album Spices, Species and Poetry Petrol is available again!

Already a true classic, Jeavestone´s second album Spices, Species and Poetry Petrol from 2008 is available again.
The new print also includes Tommi Musturi´s fantastic cartoon Jeavestone Adventures: The Seek of a Lost Musician.

Get your copy from Running Moose´s Label Shop as well as in all decent Download shops.

For more information

Alpha Indigo: Blueprints EP

Fresh rock grooves from the deserts of Eastern Finland. Psychedelic but not paralyzing. Stony but not sloppy. Loud but not aversive. Thought-provoking but not preaching. Deep but not boring. Rootsy but not rednecky. Danceable but not disco. Edgy but not metal. Hippy but militant. Freaky but sharp. Sexy but stylish. Cool but unpredictable. Nice but strange.Stay tuned for more!
May 2012 Toukokuu

STRANDBERG PROJECT with Michael Manring & Friends - Made In Finland CD&DVD

Since 1995 Strandberg has recorded six solo albums. The new, his seventh soloalbum, ”Made in Finland” features the line-up:
Jan-Olof Strandberg, Michael Manring: Bass; Kimmo Tapanainen: Keyboards, Risto Salmi: Saxes; Matias Kupiainen, Petteri Hirvanen: Guitars and Kimmo Pörsti: Drums

CD comes with a bonus DVD including studio live performances featuring Sami Virtanen, Jukka Gustavson, Rami Eskelinen and Niklas Lindholm. In addition, there is an extensive interview of Paul Jackson and Jan-Olof Strandberg included in the DVD.

Get your copy from Running Moose´s Distribution Shop as well as in all decent Download shops.

For more information

Lubo-Mir´s Time Tombs vinyl-LP available in Running Moose Distribution 16.5.2012!

New Lubo-Mir album "Time Tombs" is like a forgotten, ancient radio transmission travelling in space towards the ultimate void. Another high quality release from Finnish electronic music producer Lubo-Mir and a natural continuation to the 2010 well received Lubo-Mir debut album "Nine Levels". A must-have for the fans of deep, soulful and cinematic electronic music with an experimental yet catchy vibe.

Running Moose´s Distribution Shop as well as in all decent Download shops.

Available in Running Moose's Distribution Shop!!
April 2012 Huhtikuu

Heat Mobile´s debut is a brand new Puuma Records release!

A rock´n roll trio from Helsinki with powerful debut. Heat Mobile has deep influences in blues, boogie and rock'n'roll. All though Heat Mobile has strong roots, they take their noise to another level...

Available in Running Moose's Label Shop!!

Marja Mattlar´s sixth studio album Kuu is out!

It´s been five years since  the last Marja Mattlar´s studioalbum Polku-was released. Kuu is again new step in Marja Mattlar´s wide and unique catalogue. The intimate and sometimes pure interpretations on the album create a powerful feeling of presence and the lyrics get diverse and fascinating dimensions and meanings.

Available in Running Moose's Distribution Shop!!

Lauri "Arno" Ankerman: Vantaanjoen Suiston Juurimusiikkia

Lauri "Arno" Ankerman, the man and his guitar is a living proof that you don´t have to travel to Missisippi-river to find the essence of blues. To live by the Vantaa-river and just have the right attitude is enough. Unique debut!

Kapa Montonen And The Bluesment Brothers: Routes To Roots!

Great songs grooving with dynamic horns-section and dazzling guitar playing by Kapa Montonen. If you´re into the musical styles of Clapton´s 461 Ocean Boulevard -era or Rick Derringer´s back-catalogue this debut´s for you.
March 2012 Maaliskuu

Colossus 15-years celebration concert presents great Finnish Prog-Rock happening at Gloria Helsinki 14.4.2012!

Four interesting Finnish prog-groups (including three Running Moose/ Presence Records acts) will be performing at Kulttuuriareena Gloria, Pieni Roobertinkatu 12 in Helsinki in
14.4.2012 starting at 20.00
. Progression, Pax Romana, Half Apple and a special set: Time Traveller featuring Jukka Gustavson are ready to hit the stage on that special evening. The tickets only €10,00. See you all there!!!
February 2012 Helmikuu

Greedy Pig is back with powerful Boogiedriller album!

New album ‘Boogiedriller’ from this hard-rocking boogieshakers, Greedy Pig is available in Running Moose Distribution. It’s produced by Mr. Hannu ‘Guts’ Leidén and released by Major Leiden Productions. The CD is fueled by the hard driving numbers like ‘Ain’t No Place’ and ‘Rock`n`Roll Car’, having a traditional GP rock’n roll sound while ballad like ‘High Wide and Handsome’ and boogie-rock ‘Second Hand Blues’ add their rootsy southern flavor to the soup. Greedy Pig is definitely back in business! Keep on Boogie Drilling!

Boogiedriller is available in Running Moose's Distribution Shop in iTunes and other well managed record shops and sites.

A stunning new band - Half Apple's stunning debut album released!

We are happy to announce the first Presence Records release in 2012. It is Half Apple´s stunning debut album Hands That Held Up The Sky. It is set to be out 14.3.2012!

Half Apple is young band from Turku, Finland. The band incorporates various influences including progressive rock and metal, indie, post-rock and even jazz fusion into their unique sound. But still in the centre are the songs, full of positive energy.
This surely is one of the most promising debuts in 2012 and the band is ready to take their music to live audiences so be ready...they are! Purchase your copy from Running Moose Label Shop

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The fifth Transkaakko album "Tuorla" is out on Running Moose Distribution, Moose´s Nest web-shop and also as Download-version 11.2.2012!

Transkaakko, known also as being part of great Balkan fever -compilation released last fall, goes now straight to space. Tuorla is space-folk, beautiful and ambitious work!

The band tells more:
"The music of this album is a selection of the works that we recorded between 2009 and 2011 for the Tuorla Planetarium in Finland. Rather than creating typical “space music” for the night sky shows we decided to cultivate our Transkaakko style and insights. Everybody knows what space looks like, but how
does it sound? We felt that space needs melancholic tunes, folksy melodies and ambiguous rhythms. This album tells you what came to our minds after listening to the stars for so many years. The history of our band goes back to the early 1980s when a few young amateur musicians based in Turku were drawn to playing folk songs from Southeast Europe and the Middle East. In 1995, the we changed our name to Transkaakko (‘southeast’ in Finnish) and decided to concentrate on our own songs. Tuorla is the second release of our label, Aarnihauta (‘Buried Treasure’)"

Get your copy from Running Moose's Distribution Shop
January 2012 Tammikuu

Lemuria's Sinisen Planeetan Tarinoita "Tales from the Blue Planet" is the newest star in Running Moose's Distribution Catalogue!

We are happy to announce that this year´s first release in Running Moose Distribution catalogue is from a band called Lemuria and their excellent debut album Sinisen Planeetan Tarinoita. The band mixes folk-rock and with different kind of musical styles and the soup is filled with great songwriting, lyrics and high energy playing. You can even hear influences of early Mikko Alatalo songs, which is not a bad thing at all.

To get your copy, go to our Distribution Shop, iTunes and the others.
December 2011 Joulukuu

Finnish first class jazz-release, Eric´s Tunes - tribute release to Erik Lindstrom - out in Moose´s Nest Distribution shop and also in Download-shops!

A very fine tribute to Finland Jazz´s Grand Old Man, Erik Lindsröm is available: Erik Lindström Awardees: Eric´s Tunes. The band includes Tuuli Ikonen -vocals, Verneri Pohjola - trumpet, Ville Vannemaa -alto sax, Panu Savolainen - vibraphone, Joonas Haavisto - piano, Jussi Frediksson -piano, Aki Rissanen -piano, Ville Herrala - bass, Olavi Louhivuori - drums and - of course - Erik Lindström, the man himself on vibraphone.

To get your copy, go to our Distribution Shop, iTunes and the others.
November 2011 Marraskuu

Paidarion´s second album Behind The Curtains is out!!

The second album of Finnish prog-minstrels is out and available also in Moose nest Distribution Shop as well as in all Download Shops. The album includes 10 new songs produced by Kimmo Pörsti and the band and among the high class guests is Michael Manring, the American bass-virtuoso that just visited Helsinki in Savoy Theatre. For more information about the band, please read

Esa Niiva ENB: Past & Present is out on Running Moose Distribution!!

A famous Finnish sax player Esa Niiva, known from many well known Finnish groups like Leningrad Cowboys etc, debuts on his Past & Present -album - a very delicious combination of groove/jazz/funk -music. Now available in Moose Nest´s Distribution shop as well as in all decent record-stores and download-shops.

Bohemian Eyes Soundtrack to be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux-countries on 11.11.2011!

We are proud to announce that the Soundtrack album of the much awarded document movie Bohemian Eyes directed by Janne Kuusi will be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg on 11.11.2011 by the German company Nordic Notes.

The albums music is composed by Pale Saarinen and performed by his Open Eye Band with lots of great featuring artists like Jukka Poika, Jonsu and Irina Björklund.

For more information, visit
October 2011 Lokakuu

The Electric Lady´s debut Black Moon is available!

The Electric Lady´s long awaited debut album Black Moon is out in all good records-stores and download shops and of course in Moose´s Distribution Shop.

It will also be released in France by a french label Brennus.
More on bio or

Rakkauden Ammattilaiset debut album is out!!

The first album of the hard working and much loved live band Rakkauden Ammattilaiset is available in all proper record-stores as our Distribution Shop is, as well as in all Download Shops.

The album release-party will be in Bar Ampiainen, Kuopio, saturday 22.10.2011, so see you there!

September 2011 Syyskuu

The document movie Bohemian Eyes wins Prix Italia Award!!

We are happy to announce that the document movie directed by Janne Kuusi has won the Prix Italia Award in art- and music series last friday in Turin Italy!!

The Soundtrack score was composed by Pale Saarinen and was released by Running Moose´s label Presence Records last march. On the title track "Sydänten Tiellä / Bridge Of Memories " sings vocals Jonsu, the lead singer/ songwriter of the Finnish famous poprock-band Indica. She who also wrote the lyrics to the song. The track also features Jukka Poika and Sandra.

You can purchase the Sound Track Album and the t-shirt from Running Moose's Label Shop. For more information, read the bio.

Greenrose Faire: Neverending Journey, melodic and fresh folk-rock from Tampere, Finland!

Greenrose Faire´s debut-album "Neverending Journey" is out in Running Moose Distribution Catalogue. The band plays jaunty medieval-influenced folk rock, vibrating with the influence from renaissance and celtic music. The songs of the Finnish sextet carry their listener to a world of its own with solemn forests, rowdy taverns and glorious battles.

For more about the band and their music in www.greenrosefaire. com and the bio.

Get your copy of this exiting album from our Distribution Shop.

Pre-order the Electric Monk: Hanging Loose CD from Moose´s NetShop!

The Helsinki's hairiest rock'n'roll group Electric Monk has finally finished their second full-length album. "Hanging Loose" will be released in Finland the 28th of september by Puuma Records / Running Moose Productions. Get your copy from Running Moose's NetShop!!
"Hanging Loose" is a 42-minute dose of an honest, brutal and traditional rock'n'roll rambling in the footsteps of The Who, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Just like the debut album "Hair Of The Dog" released in 2007, "Hanging Loose" contains songs with a wide range of styles: from the unemployment-themed title track, to
piano-flavoured boogie woogie of "Ship of Fools" and to the album-ending slow and sombre "Blues".

For more information:
read The Bio

The debut album of ambient / trip-hop band LUBO-MIR "Nine Levels" is also out 7.9.2011!!

LUBO-MIR aka Markku Jylhä is a Finnish electronic music producer. His sound is a mixture of nostalgia, mystics and future combined with a modern and original way of production that drifts naturally between hip/triphop, downtempo and idm areas, flavored with experimental & psychedelic vibe.

Ancient Bear Cult's Second album "Lullamoinen" Released

Check the second album of the finnish leading "pagan-folk" group Ancient Bear Cult. This interesting and album "Lullamoinen" and is available in 7th of September, 2011. Order your copy from our Distribution Shop!

Ancient Bear Cult draws its inspiration from prehistoric and early medieval soundscapes. All of the instruments used by the band have a history of hundreds of years, so it is possible that similar bands have existed in the distant past. Since no music has survived from those times, neither as sheet music nor any other form, the members of A.B.C. have composed most of the songs in the band's repertoire by themselves, with the exception of performing also some old European folk tunes.

Instruments used by A.B.C. include Viking lyre, crwth and hurdy gurdy. Viking lyre is a replica of an instrument that was found in a grave of a Viking chief in the island of Gotland and has been dated to ca. 700 A.D. The ancient Welsh instrument crwth closely resembles Viking lyre but is, instead of plucking, played with a bow. Hurdy gurdy was used in medieval Europe for dance accompaniment.

More information, read
August 2011 Elokuu

Electric Lady´s "A Man Of That Kind"  reaches number one on the´s Metal Top 100 Download-list!!

We are exited to announce thea Electric Lady´s "A Man Of That Kind"  has reached number one on the´s Metal Top 100 Download-list and hits number nine on Top 500 Pop-rock list!

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Esa Kotilainen's phenomenal new Album - Soiva Tehdas (Music from a factory) is out!

The new Esa Kotilainen album Soiva Tehdas (Music From a Factory) is out by Running Moose´s Presence Records label 17.8.2011 as a very nice digi-pack cover CD-album and also Download-version. Get your copy of this amazing work!

Link to Running Moose Label Shop

The album includes historic and authentic process - sounds of paper and pulp industry in Finland. Esa will be performing in Teatteriravintola Kapsäkki´s Ambient Laboratorio special happening in Helsinki 19.8.2011. The event starts at 19.00 in the evening.


Electric Lady's "A Man Of That Kind is out in 1.8!!

Running Moose is proud to announce Electric Lady's new single "A Man Of That Kind" in co-operation with Major Leiden Productions. The single can be downloaded from iTunes and all well equipped download record shops.

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Rakkauden Ammattilaisten Promosinkku markkinoilla!!

Kuopiolaisen Rakkauden Ammattilaisten promosinkku "Liftarityttö/Keskellä Ei Mitään!" ilmestyy yhteistyössä Major Leiden Productionsin kanssa. Single on downloadattavissa iTunesista ja muilta hyvin varustetuilta downloadaus levysaiteilta.

Lisää ja Puuma Records
June 2011 Kesäkuu

Matti "Peltsi" Pellonpää T-Shirt available in Running Moose Label Shop and in Summer Festivals!

Matti Pellonpää's T-shirt with the legendary dog's look is now available in Moose Label Shop. You can also purchase if from following festivals:

The T-shirt is for sale in
Saarijärvi Kirmot-Music festival in 11.-17.7.2011

T-shirt and the soundtrack is for sale in Tuusulan Taiteiden Yö 12.8.2011

Rauma Blue Sea Film Festival 19.-21.8.2011

Get your own shirt!!

Two new Finninsh-prog albums out on Running Moose Distribution!!

As summer hits Finland with all it´s power, we are proud to release two very excellent Finnish prog-albums:
Ozone Player & Matt Howarth: Long-Range Influece and Mist Season´s third release, Reflections.

Ozone Players and Matt Howarth's Long Range Influence for sale in Distribution Shop!!

Long-Range Influence is a sci-fi, space-rock, ambient- and prog-package masterminded by Otso Pakarinen. The CD-album includes also a comic, created by Matt Howarth. For sale in Distribution Shop

Mist Season's Reflections for sale in Distribution Shop!!

Reflections is the third album by Mist Season, a band from Hämeenlinna , Finland. It combines prog with fusion, full of melodic and beautiful themes Among the high-lights is a new version of Marianne Nyman´s classic "Pan", a Maru&Mikael song from the seventies, as well as well as Roine Stolts "Lobsterland´s Groove". Get your copy from Distribution Shop
May 2011 Toukokuu

Badu ja Suomipojat - Puuma Recordsin uusin artisti!!

Puuma Records ylpeänä esittelee Badu Ndjain ja Timo Erängön yhtyeen Badu ja Suomipojat uusimman hitin: Tule Markka Takaisin. Tämä jo kesän hitiksi ennustettu rakkauslaulu, suomalainen musiikillinen Othello, jonka nimiosassa on maahanmuuttaja Badu ja rakastettuna Desdemonana Suomen markka.

Ehdoton kesän hitti!

Lisää Badusta ja Suomipojista ja rakkaasta markasta täältä.
April 2011 Huhtikuu

Eero Koivistoinen: Minor Solutions DVD available 27.4.2011

We are so proud to announce the new addition to Running Moose's Distribution catalogue. A retrospective DVD of Finnish Jazz "grand-old-man" Eero Koivistoinen is now available on Running Moose Distribution Catalogue in 27.4.2011.

Minor Solutions is a 3 hour 20 minute package, a thrilling musical and a visual journey into Eero Koivistoinen`s awesome career that has lasted over 4 decades and still continues strong. It´s an exciting and first retrospective look at Finnish jazz starting from sixties up to this date on DVD. Includes 5.1. Sound. A real pearl.

More information in!!

Take the opportunity and purchase it from the Distribution Shop!

New Album from Puumarecords

Jari Rättyä´s second solo album Käärmekeitto is out on Puuma Records. If you liked the first album, you´ll love this second one. If you haven't its worth listening to!!

New Album from Presence Records

Time Traveller's "Chapters III&IV" will be available 27.4.2011. If you liked the first one this will knock you out. If you haven't heard about them, you should definitely give it a try!!
March 2011 Maaliskuu

Soundtrack of the Documentary Film "Matti Pellonpää - Bohemian Eyes" released!

Running Moose Productions / Presence Records is humbled and extremely proud to release the soundtrack album of documentary film Bohemian Eyes.

The film is produced by Finnish Broadcasting Company and directed by Janne Kuusi. Music is composed, arranged, produced by Pale Saarinen, one of the leading Finnish musicians.

Now, find out more information and purchase this classic from our Label Shop. More in BIO in Finnish here.

Jari Rättyä´s second solo album "Käärmekeittoa" available on Puuma Records

Read more about the album from Puuma Records web-page

The second edition of Lauri Timonen´s book Lähikuvassa Matti Pellonpää is for sale also in Moose´s Net web-shop!

There will also be a special happening in Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, Aleksi 23 Store Helsinki, on Matti Pellopää´s 60th birthday 28.3.2011 at 17.00, where the author Lauri Timonen, the director of Bohemian Eyes movie Janne Kuusi, the composer of the new soundtrack album  Pale Saarinen and Jonsu, the lead singer of Indica, who sings the theme song Sydänten Tiellä/ Bridge Of Memories of the movie will be present, interviewed and will sign the soundtrack album as well as the book.

Lauri Timosen Lähikuvassa Matti Pellonpää kirjan toinen painos on nyt saatavana myös Running Moosen nettikaupasta!

28.3. 2011 klo 17.00 Helsingin Suomalaisessa Kirjakaupassa, Aleksi 23, pidetään Peltsin 60-v. päivän kunniaksi erityinen tilaisuus aiheena Matti Pellonpää 60-v. ja tuore Boheemi Elää/ Bohemian Eyes Soundtrack-albumi ja Lähikuvassa Matti Pellonpää kirjan toinen painos.
Paikalla ja haastateltavina  ovat ohjaaja Janne Kuusi, toimittaja/kirjailija Lauri Timonen, elokuvan soundtrackin säveltäjä, muusikko Pale Saarinen sekä leffan tunnusbiisin esittäjä, Indica-yhtyeen keulakuva, muusikko Jonsu, jotka myös signeeraavat kirjaa ja tuoretta soundtrack-albumia.

Moonwagon´s great debut album Night Dust out on Running Moose Distribution!

We are again very pleased to announce the the first album of Finnish West Coast group Moonwagon will be released worldwide as a very nice digipack-cover CD and also Downloadable -version 2.3.2011. Moonwagon plays mostly instrumental prog-rock combining freshly influences from kraut-, space and hard-rock.
February 2011 Helmikuu

Soundtrack of the Documentary Film "Matti Pellonpää - Bohemian Eyes" released in 28.3. 2011!

Running Moose Productions / Presence Records is humbled and extremely proud to release the soundtrack album of documentary film Bohemian Eyes in March 2011.

The film is a tribute to late legendary Finnish actor Matti Pellonpää. He rose to international fame acting in many of much awarded Aki Kaurismäki's films Aki's films (Leningrad Cowboys Go America, 1989, Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses, 1994, La Vie de Boheme) and was Aki's main male actor in 18 of his films. He also starred Mika Kaurismäki's films i.e. Arvottomat (1982), Zombie ja Kummitusjuna (1991), Last Border (1993).

Matti Pellonpää was nominated Best Actor by European Film Academy for his role as Rodolfo in Aki Kaurismäki films "La Vie de Boheme" and won the Felix at the European Film Awards in 1992. He also starred in Jim Jarmusch's 1991 film "Night on Earth" and Gilles Charmaint films 1992
"Shit Happens" and 1995 "Iron Horsemen".

The film is produced by Finnish Broadcasting Company and directed by Janne Kuusi. Music is composed, arranged, produced by Pale Saarinen, one of the leading Finnish musicians.

More in BIO in Finnish here.

Jonsu's "Sydänten Tiellä / Bridge Of Memories " - the titel track in the Film "Bohemian Eyes" will be released as Downloadable single in 2nd of February 2011!!

Jonsu, the lead singer/ songwriter of the Finnish famous poprock-band Indica, sings the title track from film "Bohemian Eyes". She who also wrote the lyrics to the song composed by one of the leading Finnish musicians Pale Saarinen. The track also features Jukka Poika and Sandra.

Read the Finnish BIO here!
Purchase the song from iTunes!
January 2011 Tammikuu

Björn Krause's Lunch and a three song EP: Rain Gray Town released on Running Moose Distribution Catalogue!!

Running Moose proudly presents the talented singer/songwriter Björn Krause and his latest album Luch and the Rain Grey Town-EP (only promotional) at the very same day, the 19th of January. Check and by the album from Distribution Shop!
For more information, please check and

Happy New Year 2011!

We are extremely proud to start the year 2011 with two great Presence Record news:

Jeavestone to play at NearFest 2011!!

Jeavestone who just got their third 1+1=OK album out on Presence Records label, is going to play at one of the biggest prog-rock
happenings held in USA 24.6.2011. During the last years among the Finnish groups that have played in NearFest are Alamaailman Vasarat, Hidria Spacefolk and Von Hertzen Brothers.
More and

Kataya´s Voyager nominated for Progawards 2010!!

Kataya's "Voyager" album has been nominated by the international Jury in the following categoriy: Best Foreign Album 2010.
More: and
December 2010 Joulukuu
Puumarecords artist Hämyreggah feat. Kalle Fält & Jarkka Rissanen voittoon Radio Suomen Levylautakunta-ohjelmassa. Lue lisää!

Puumarecords' newest artist Hämyreggah (feat. Kalle Fält & Jarkka Rissanen) won The Finnish Broadcasting Radio program "Levylautakunta" in 11th of December.
Read more!

Christmas Collections:

1. Singer-songwriter/ pop /jazz Collection:

Loistava kokoelma kolmen lahjakkaan singer/songwriterin tuotannosta:

Carita Holmström:
My Diary of Songs
Johanna Iivanainen: Loisto (The Collection)
Marja Mattlar: Varhaisten Parhaita -Early Works

Nyt erikoishinta yhteensä € 35 (plus postituskulut € 3)! ...... Ja nyt Distribution Shoppiin

2. Progressive Rock Collection:

Komea setti kolmen suomalaisen progebändin tuotannosta:

Jeavestone: 1+1=OK
Pax Romana: And The Dance Begins Again
Ageness: Songs from the Liar's Lair

Nyt erikoishinta yhteensä € 35 (plus postituskulut € 3)! ...... Ja nyt Distribution Shoppiin

3. Fusion Rock Collection:

Legendaarinen läväys kolmen suomalaisen fuusiobändin tuotannosta:

Tasavallan Presidentti
: Six Complete
Orrenmaa Band: Make My Day Featuring Billy Cobham and Tower Of Power Horns
Time Traveller: Chapters I & II

Nyt erikoishinta yhteensä € 35 (plus postituskulut € 3)! ...... Ja nyt Distribution Shoppiin

4. Ambient/Proge Collection:

Tukeva tujaus suomalaista ambient/proge musaa Esa Kotilaisen uutuuden johdolla:

Esa Kotilainen:
Kataya: Voyager
Corey & Maple: Home In The Universe

Nyt erikoishinta yhteensä € 35 (plus postituskulut € 3)! ...... Ja nyt Distribution Shoppiin

November 2010 Marraskuu

Hämyreggah featuring Kalle Fält and Jarkka Rissanen out on Puuma Records 1.12.2010

Combining roots, rock and reggae this group shows how to use Finnish language and make the words groove while they still have lots of meaning. The music is a delicate package of Finnish folk and traditional influences mixed with groovy rhythms.

Purchase safely from our Label Shop and Enjoy!

Anita De Coteau:  Live At Sabor A Fado released on Presence Distribution 10.11.2010

We are proud to announce that it is a first time that a fado singer of a Finnish origin records a Fado album. This album has been recorded in Madeira at "Sabor a Fado" tavern with the live audience! Like Anita herself puts it: "Fado is about life, sometimes life is rough, sometimes gentle. All these songs come from the heart and soul of the musicians. To sing and play Fado you must experience life."

Tulevan joulun uutuuksiin kuuluu suomalaisukrainalaisen fadolaulajatar Anita De Coteaun albumi "Live at Sabor a Fado".Suomen "Marizaksikin" kutsuttu Anita laulaa siinä tunnettuja portugalilaisia fadoja madeiralaisten fadokitaristien kanssa. Albumi on livealbumi ja nauhoitettu yhdessä tämän hetken suosituimmista fadotavernoista "Sabor a Fadossa" Madeiralla.Albumin tuottaja on legendaarinen Heikki Savolainen, joka tunnetaan mm.Trio Töykeitten tuottajana sekä Aki Kaurismäen elokuvien musiikkituottajana.Kyseessä on historiallinen albumi siinä mielessä,että ensimmäistä kertaa fadon historiassa, suomalainen julkistaa fadoäänitteen.

Suurta kaihoa ja dramatiikkaakin sisältävä tuotos ei jätä ketään kylmäksi! Ai Fadista!

Purchase the Album from the Distribution Record shop.

New Jeavestone album available 17.11.2010 on Presence Records

Third album of Finnish prog´n rollers carries on the musical fireworks that already started on Mind The Soup (2005) and Spices, Species And Poetry Petrol(2008) -albums. Both pop- / progheads and critics loved both albums and will surely shout hoorays with this new one, too.


Janne Mertanen's album "Jean Sibelius Pianoworks" Published!

The Running Moose Productions / Presence Records is proud to announce that the new album "Jean Sibelius Pianoworks" of Janne Mertanen has now been published under Presence Records Label.

Mertanen´s first recording Chopin Recital was released in 1994 on label Finlandia Records (Warner) and since 1998 he has recorded 6 albums. two of which, Chopin Nocturnes vol. 1-2, were awarded in The 6th International Record Competition Grand Prix Du Disque Frédérick Chopin 2005 in Warsaw in October 2005.

This new release includes Jean Sibelius much loved piano music, both favourites and rarities.

For more information, please visit
October 2010 Lokakuu

A special Early Works -collection and Notebook available from Marja Mattlar 27.10.2010!

Titled Varhaisten Parhaita -Early Works, a very special collection and a Notebook from singer/ songwriter Marja Mattlar are out on 27.10.2010 via Running Moose/Presence Records Distribution. The album collection includes both favourites, rarities and mostly songs which have not been available before on CD. The Notebook called Säv & San Marja Mattlar includes the most asked and popular songs of her long career.

You can order the new record in Running Moose Distribution shop.

More on bio in Finnish and Bio in English and English Bio coming soon.

Janne Mertanen's album to be release in 3.11.2010 - First Classical album on Presence Records!

The Running Moose Productions / Presence Records is proud to announce that the new album of Janne Mertanen. The album "Jean Sibelius Pianoworks" is set to release 3.11.2010 on Presence Label.

Janne Mertanen is famous and much awarded Finnish piano artist. He has has recorded music of Chopin, Beethoven, Glinka, Satie and Kokkonen.

Mertanen´s first recording Chopin Recital was released in 1994 on label Finlandia Records (Warner). Since 1998 he has recorded 6 albums. two of which, Chopin Nocturnes vol. 1-2, were awarded in The 6th International Record Competition Grand Prix Du Disque Frédérick Chopin 2005 in Warsaw in October 2005.

This new release includes Jean Sibelius much loved piano music, both favourites and rarities.

For more information, please visit

Positive Wave on Presence Distribution!

Presence Records is proud to announce the Positive Wave and Running Moose Production have made a distribution agreement of they first album "Positive Wave" . Positive Wave is a new and fresh
prog-rock band from Helsinki, Finland.

Find more information from

You can purchase their new album from Running Moose's new Distribution Shop

Törrö Tapanisen ja Jan Pethmanin "Vaihevirheessä" ilmestynyt!

Törrö Tapaninen ja Jan Pethman on molemmilla varsin värikäs ja vaiherikas muusikkotaipale takanaan; yhtyeitä kuten Ultra Bra, Popeda, Maija Vilkkumaa, Ramblers, Hypnomen, Daddy Giljoteen... listaa voisi jatkaa loputtomiin. Vaikka miehemme ovat tahkonneet koko joukossa ralleja Satumaa Tangosta aina Matkalla Alabamaan, on heitä aina yhdistänyt myös rakkaus monipuoliseen roots-musiikkiin. Puuma recordsilla on kunnia liittää Törrö & Pethman osaksi Puuma recordsin historiaa.

Voit ostaa levyn myös Running Moosen Label Shopista.

Lisää täällä
September 2010 Syyskuu

Ärräpää Orchestran "Up To My Ears In Snow" ilmestynyt !

Ärräpää Orchestran kolmas kokopitkä ammentaa suoraan Roots-musiikin raikkailta ja elinvoimaisilta alkulähteiltä. Up To My Ears In Snow on värikäs ja monipuolinen paketti jossa lähdetään perusrullaavasta rock´n rollista a´la Little Feat ja matka jatkuu soulballadien , funkin, riipovan bluesin ja reippaan texmex -meiningin kautta armottomaan rockabillaukseen. Biisintekijöinä kunnostautuvat yhtyeen oman tuotannon lisäksi mm. Esa Eloranta, Maria Hänninen (joka myös vierailee levyllä!), Julie Black ja Bob Margolin. Kesän hyväntuulisin juurihoitolevy vie Ärräpää Orchestran maamme Roots-osaston kärkikaartiin!

"Up To My Ears In Show" on samalla Running Moose Productionsin uusimman levymerkin Puumarecordsin ensimmäinen julkaisu. Ei olisi voinut alkaa paremmin.

Voit ostaa levyn myös Running Moosen Label Shopista.

Lisää täällä

Kataya's Second Album "Voyager" released !

The second album of finnish folk-prog-ambient trio Kataya. While the first " Canto Obscura" discovered the musical sounds of deep finnish forests this new called "Voyager" goes straight into the outer space and follows the adventures of the mysterious being called "K".

You can purchase their new album from Running Moose's new Label Shop.

More in

Esa Kotilainen's new album -51 °C released!

A brand new album “-51 C” from the keyboard-wizard, Esa Kotilainen continues the story that started in his classic 1977 "Ajatuslapsi" -album and carried on in last year´s "Turquoise Planet". Only now we´re travelling in more or less winter landscapes and atmospheres.

You can purchase his new album from Running Moose's new Label Shop.