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Wolf Larsen: Viapori

  • Wolf Larsen: Viapori
We are happy to announce that after Turquoise Planet, -51 C and Soiva Tehdas aka The Clanging Factory Esa Kotilainen and his friends are now landing on Perhosniitty (meaning Butterrfly Meadow). The legendary keyboard-wizard and member of many succesful finnish bands and artists like Wigwam, Jukka Tolonen Band and Hector collaborates now with Peter Lerche -guitars, Eerik Siikasaari -basses and Anssi Nykänen -drums and percussions. With different kinda accordions Esa plays Minimoog and Mellotron on this beatiful new masterpiece.

The album´s theme was based on the legends and stories that had happened in Suomenlinna aka Viapori, the Sea Fortress outside Helsinki. The group recorded sounds of nature and sounds of the living in the island (like ferry, the deck etc.) and made those as a soundtrack and loops of the songs on the album.

The musical guests on the album are Pekka Pohjola (bass on Love Pond), Pepa Päivinen (soprano sax on Waltzing Iceblocks), Pekka Lehti (upright bass on The Seals Of Harmaja), Mika Pesonen (soprano sax on 1906), Raul Vaigla (bass on Shipyard Shuffle) and Maria Hänninen (vocals on The Ballad Of Arkadi).

The Download version of Viapori includes three bonus tracks: The Ballad Of Arkadi, Chinese Cemetery (Chinahouse remix) and The Seals Of Harmaja (Riisuttu Remix). They are from the theatre play 1906 - The Ballad of the Rebellion that was performed in Suomenlinna during the summer of 1998. It was based on the book by Paavo Rintala.




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