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Art Deco: Syvään Uneen

  • Art Deco: Syvään Uneen
Art Deco's debut album Syvään Uneen (Into a Deep Sleep) offers a dreamlike journey across varying and sometimes even surprising atmospheres and stories. The songs of the album ruthlessly combine different styles of popular music, moving fluently from lottery fusion to soft pop rock and, furthermore, to prog rock diving straight into the deeps of the sea.

Art Deco was established in Jyväskylä, Finland, in 2004. In the beginning of 2011 after years of rehearsing, songwriting, a few line-up changes and random gigs the band finally marched in to a studio to record its debut album in collaboration with producer Teemu Laukkanen. Art Deco's current six-piece line-up features Jaana Mäkinen (vocals), Antti Koivistoinen (guitars), Tuomo Suhonen (guitars), Olli Autio (keyboards), Teijo Kostiainen (bass) and Olli Kalmari (drums).