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Transkaakko: Tuorla

  • Transkaakko: Tuorla
The fifth Transkaakko album "Tuorla" is out on Running Moose Distribution, Moose´s Nest web-shop and also as Download-version 11.2.2012! Transkaakko, known also as being part of great Balkan fever -compilation that was released last fall, goes now straight to space. Tuorla is space-folk, beautiful and ambitious work!

The music of this album is a selection of the works that we recorded between 2009 and 2011 for the Tuorla Planetarium in Finland. Rather than creating typical “space music” for the night sky shows we decided to cultivate our Transkaakko style and insights. Everybody knows what space looks like, but how does it sound? We felt that space needs melancholic tunes, folksy melodies and ambiguous rhythms. This album tells you what came to our minds after listening to the stars for so many years. The history of our band goes back to the early 1980s when a few young amateur musicians based in Turku were drawn to playing folk songs from Southeast Europe and the Middle East. In 1995, the we changed our name to Transkaakko (‘southeast’ in Finnish) and decided to concentrate on our own songs. Tuorla is the second release of our label, Aarnihauta (‘Buried Treasure’)




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