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Decameron -Ten Days In 100 Novellas - Part III

  • Decameron -Ten Days In 100 Novellas - Part III
35 bands from 13 countries contributed 36 tracks to the 4 CD’s totalling 278 minutes of finest progressive rock on the planet, orchestrated by the executive producer Marco Bernard (from The Samurai Of Prog) who has also been the mastermind behind all of the previous Colossus projects. Mastering was done by Tommi Liuhala. The cover art, By Ed Unitsky, includes a beautiful 64-page 4-colour booklet with information about each band and song.

The bands appearing on Decameron III are: Robert Webb, Ageness, Ellesmere & Pericle Sponzilli, JPL, Willowglass, Trion, Stella Lee Jones, Nexus, The Nova Mob, Elephants of Scotland, Jinetes Negros, Mauro Mulas, Latte e Miele, Oceanic Legion, Interpose, Court, Ars Ephemera, United Progressive Fraternity, Alex Grata, Il Tempio Delle Clessidre, Rebel Wheel, Taproban, D’AccorD, Phoenix Again, Castle Canyon, S.A.L.U.E.N.A, Il Castello di Atlante, Fran Turner, Blank Manuscript, Ozone Player, Faveravola, Cirrus Bay, Marchesi Scamorza, Bornidol, Locus Amoenus.


4 CD BOX collection


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