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Earl S. Boncamper: Love Mail

  • Earl S. Boncamper: Love Mail
Earl S. Boncamper is a native of Nevis, a beautiful little island in the Caribbean. He is a natural born musical talent and groove maker and started building his musical career after moving to Finland in 1979. Earl has got an endless flow of catchy little songs with seducing melodies, topped with some groovy, down-to-earth lyrics. Together with his soulful and sensitive voice they make a truly unique mixture of Caribbean sounds and traditional r&b grooves.

The key message of Earl Boncamper`s music is: love each other, have a good time! Nothing wrong with that! Earl`s latest product, Love Mail, is a heart-warming proof of the old fact that good, honest and simple music can still take you to a better place.

Greetings from the Nevis man!




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