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The Rack Doll: Rowling And Bowling

  • The Rack Doll: Rowling And Bowling
The Rack Doll released their hot debut album Hot City in 2015 and it got the notice it deserved both in rock-media as well as in their live shows. Straight forward and full of energy with fresh rock´n roll-attitude found their listeners.

Now it´s time for their second album Rowling And Bowling, which was released 6.4.2018.

The Rack Doll is
Minna Ora-Laulu,kitara
Kari Ora-Kitara
Esa Tokola-Basso
Kai Schneider-Rummut


Live gigs: Sherwood Sound- AP Niemi +358 40 5259 899 , sherwoodsound@gmail. com