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SSTB: Misplaced

  • SSTB: Misplaced
How this all happened?  Well, Sami Sarhamaa has again some information about it:

"It all began with me wanting to sing. As a youth I had sung in a band but probably the insecurities of that tender age made me give it up. I then redirected my musical energies to playing guitar, bass and keys. In the early years of the second decade of 2000’s I decided to give it another go. Though never regretting that decision, there’s naturally been some challenges. One’s own voice sounds, to put it nicely, terrible... Well, You get used to almost anything and one does learn while doing it, right?

In 2014 we had reached a point where the first SSTB album was being done. My all time favorite musician and production partner Teijo Tikkanen graciously agreed to participate, once again, probably not quite knowing what he had agreed to. Well, “Blacks and Blues” got done and for a first effort it’s pretty decent.

While I was busy working elsewhere, new sstb-sounding songs kept appearing and piling in the drawer. With Teijo I took them by the horns in late 2016 and we began to massage them into shape. We had a few very fruitful sessions at Teijo’s T-Sonics studio but “real” work once again interrupted our flow and it was late 2018 when we managed to get going again. Sessions at Perfect Sound Studio made the notes and arrangements settle into their final shapes and the package was ready to be delivered, this time to an outsider, to be mixed. This outsider, Aki Sihvonen from Finnvox Studios, proved to be an ideal addition to the sstb gang and he lifted the songs one step higher. After at least comparatively speaking very fast mixing the final stage, mastering, was once again Pauli Saastamoinen’s domain. He smoothed the rough edges at Finnvox and the album was ready. The cover image and layout by a true artist, Riikka Muikku, crowned it all.

I’m happy and excited, this is really good!"