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Lighthouse Sparrows: The Deep End CD-EP

  • Lighthouse Sparrows: The Deep End CD-EP
Half of the Sparrows, Sami Sarhamaa describes the project like this:

"Progressive-, art- or just modern rock?

We noticed we’d worked intensively together for over ten years in all kinds of sound design projects for features, documentaries, shorts and contemporary art projects. And every moment had been fun and full of creativity. We learned we also have same kind of tastes and interests in music. Shouldn’t we try making music together? The question was stated aloud in July 2019 and Lighthouse Sparrows was born.

We started writing music instantly. Would it be progressive rock, art rock or something else? We decided just to let things flow with no limitations whatsoever.

First were sketches, themes and riffs - they were done in our own studios. Later sessions at Sami’s rehearsal room/studio. We decided not to hesitate - just write down all the ideas, pieces of music or lyrics coming into our heads; decided to avoid unnecessary self criticism at that point. And the same time being open to frank and honest discussion of evelopable ideas. We did not know how many songs we were going to compose and in what time (pun intended!). We were just having fun.

Things advanced at their own pace. We both had lots of (real) work to do and we didn’t want to feel any pressure or create any deadlines.

March 2020 and covid19-pandemia changed the situation. Work projects were delayed or cancelled and suddenly we had a lot of time and five promising songs to produce. Once again withdrawn into our own studios due to the quarantine we kept in touch via phone, Whatsap, Zoom, Evernote….You name it, we used it.

Later in Spring we started to do the necessary recording sessions for vocals, acoustic instruments etc. We collaborated with wonderful musicians: Miri Miettinen on drums and Trio Tingo on backing vocals. Sami did the premixes at home and together we finalised them @ Finnvox Studio F. Our trusted mastering engineer Pauli Saastamoinen made the package whole.

The process led to this first EP of ours called ’The Deep End’; thirty minutes of music we are very proud and excited of."

Lighthouse Sparrows is Olli Huhtanen, Sami Sarhamaa