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U.N.I: Dreamland

  • U.N.I: Dreamland
U.N.i is a band project created by composer and multi-instrumentalist Jouni Lehtonen. Dreamland, a collection of 10 songs stylistically moving somewhere between progrock, folk and electronic, with some tango, circus and celtic styles thrown in. All the music was written, arranged and produced by Jouni Lehtonen.

Several guest musicians took part in making of the record, most notably Petra Lehtonen (no relation to Jouni) who sang the lead vocals. All the lyrics are adaptations from public domain poems by for example William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll and Sara Teasdale.

The participation of this "dead poets society" gives the project a unique flavour in its own right, not to mention the compositions themselves which have a somewhat cinematic feel to them -perhaps due to Jouni's previous involvements in the theatre scene and music for picture.




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