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Pax Romana: Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground

  • Pax Romana: Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground
"Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground" is Pax Romana's third album. The band has matured and new stories are been told. We hope you'll love it.

As Michael Anthony wrote in CD Revies: "They must be putting something in the water in Finland. Something good. Not content with gifting the world the fabulous Von Hertzen Brothers, the Finns have also incubated and unleashed again the re-energised, re-vitalised joy that is Pax Romana.

Initially forming in their mid-teens in 1970, it didn’t really happen for them back then. But with friendships, values and musical influences intact, Pax Romana seem to be experiencing a very creative and productive second coming.

In fact, ‘Let All Men Know – This Is Sacred Ground’ is their third album, following ‘Trace of Light’ (2005) and ‘And the Dance Begins Again’ (2009). The musical influences span progressive rock and ‘ambient’ folk, though the songs themselves are, for the most part, crisp and accessible, and you might even hear a touch of Leonard Cohen, Mark Knopfler and Chris Rea in there."




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