Presence Records

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Presence Records started in 2006 first releasing the reunion album of Finnish prog-rock / fusion-jazz legend Tasavallan Presidentti called "Six Complete". Since then we have been proud to release albums records from talented artists like of Kurkirku, Echosystem, Johanna Iivanainen, Time Traveller, Pax Romana, Ageness, Kataya, Hepa Halme, Pepa Päivinen, Carita Holmström, Aapo Heinonen, Corey & Maple, Jeavestone etc. What we then started as a one-off phenomena, has become a ambitious Record Label with clear Progressive Rock, Folk, Jazzy and Classical tones.

Presence Record artists are:

In Spring 2010 we re-organized our activities under one production company - Running Moose Productions. Our ambitions grew and here we are. Read more about Running Moose and its mission here. We believe there is every reason to be proud of this list. Don't you?