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Elonkorjuu was founded 1969 and soon took part in the contest of the "Finnish Championship of The Rock Bands" and achieved the honorable second position. The Band has released three albums until now. "Harvest Time" was published in 1972 (EMI). The vinyl version of this release is highly appreciated among the record collectors today, value being around Eur 500 - 1000.

"Flying High, Running Fast"(RCA) came out in 1978. This time the band was called "Harvest" (= Elonkorjuu ). The change of the name was an idea of their record company which believed it would make it easier to sell the band's music in the international market.

This time the band was actively performing all over the country and was seen in all the major festivals ( Ruisrock, Pori Jazz etc.). During these years the line up included top musicians, who are still very much involved in Finnish music business today ( Jukka Syrenius, Veli-Pekka Pessi, Pertti Hannus, Jari Perkiömäki, Seppo and Pekka Tyni, Simo Salminen, Markku Johansson, Vesa Aaltonen, Heikki Lajunen etc.)

During the spring 2003 Elonkorjuu emerged again and has since performed for full venues around the country . The experience of 35 years of tough gig life and total weight of more than 400 kg guarantee the performances worth seeing and hearing.

"Scumbag Goes To Theatre" will available via Presence Records Distrubution worldwide 14.4.2010. The album was recordedin December 2009 in Pori Theater and includes 13 stunning live versions of this Finnish prog-rock legend. There will be a special tour. Presence Records has also made distrubution and promotion deals with Touch Records concerning Elonkorjuu.


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Elonkorjuu: Scumbag Goes To Theatre (2010) LIVE 2-CD

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