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Kataya is a three-member folk-prog-ambient-group from Finland; Matti Kervinen, Teijo Tikkanen and Sami Sarhamaa playing most of the instruments, composing, arranging, re- cording and mixing together. All three guys have considerably long and successful careers in the Finnish music scene. From bands like Wolf Larsen, Chapter One, Pax Romana and Corey & Maple to Film & TV music and post production, these guys have a reputation of producing deep and mighty Scandinavian sound with a strong visual feel. With its musical roots deeply in the finnish mental landscape, Kataya s music is a stylish combination of ethno and elec- tronics with echoes of folk/prog era.

Kataya's debut album Canto Obscura was released 23.4.2008 in Finland and will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Nordic Notes 6.6.2008. There are also top class guest appearances on the album; a highly acclaimed jazz vocalist Johanna Iivanainen and a guitar wizard Mikko Iivanainen to mention a few.

The inspiration for this album comes from the deep wild forests of Finland. Being amongst the last pure and clean, untouched spots of nature on our planet, the Forest is and has al- ways been a church and sanctuary for us Finns. There are also numerous legends, myths and folklore about the creatures living in these woods. Although mostly instrumental, this album is a storyteller in the spirit of these old tales.


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Kataya: Canto Obscura (2008)

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Kataya: Voyager (2010)

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