Björn Krause

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Born in Helsinki, Finland on a cold February morning in the mid-20th century. Picked up the guitar at the age of ten inspired by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and other contemporaries. First attempts in songwriting.

Seduced by progressive rock, fusion, jazz and classical music in the 70's. Both writing and playing ambitions were sky high. Complex compositions, superfast solos and technical perfection ruled.

Back to earth from unrealistic heights by the end of the decade to the beat of new wave and post-punk. Played in three bands in the 80's: Niggers (84-86), Shadowplay (-86) and Close Shave (87-89).
After that a long break.

New songwriting inspiration again in the mid-90s. Also a growing desire to, one day, record the music. The outcome of a long and winding process was the album Här igen (Here Again), released in 2005.
The follow-up, Lunch, also in Swedish, was released in January 2011. Three of the songs from Lunch:
Rain gray town, A new life and Daughter of the circus are available in English at iTunes.


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Björn Krause: Lunch (2011)

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