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Kurkirku plays free organic jazz with world / experimental / lounge influences and comes from the Porvoo - Helsinki-area, from the southern coast of Finland. The groups´ unique musical mix can be described as a type of nordic sound with resemblance to fresh jazz and crossover artists risen here and there in Scandinavia within a few years. Maybe some influences come from the period when lead singer and the other composer Mirella Pendolin lived in Norway and was active making music and performing there.

Kurkirku was founded 2003 by Mirella Pendolin and Kalle Katz who also wrote most of the material for this debut album. This lineup has played together since the fall 2004.

This debut album was recorded in Perfect Sound Studios during spring 2007, almost totally live in studio with just very few overdubs.

If you leave out boundaries or thick genre definitions, The Mesh is a colourful combination, temporarily chaotic but also with a twinkle in its´ eye, smooth, shamanistic and a spiritual melting pot of music.


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Kurkirku: The Mesh (2007)

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