Time Traveller

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TIME TRAVELLER's debut album is a rich combination of styles, a musical journey to the heart of, well, time and -travelling. The main point is electric guitar but also everything else that surrounds Juhani´s magical playing and themes is something unique. If you love Hendrix´s "Third Stone From The Sun" or " Cross Town Traffic", if you know how Trower played in Procol Harum and his solos and prefer Mahogany Rush on it´s most psychedelic side, this is yours treasure, truly.

Chapters I & II is entirely composed / arranged / produced / recorded / mixed, and for the most part, also played by Juhani Nisula in his full-analog home 'studio'(read: an old Fostex 16 tracker, crappy mixer and few cheap echos..)with a little help from his friends' Esko 'Zeko' Takamäki, who played the drums and percussion instruments, Timo Ristilä, who played the GREAT Moog solo on 'Part One: The Pioneers' and the violinist Sanna Ågren, who played the magnificient violin parts on 'Part Seven: The Release'.

As being a long-term proghead, Juhani wanted this album to be naturally, accordingly to it's genre, a concept album.. and yes, it IS about travelling in space & time :0) . Juhani has planned this production to be a trilogy - this first album consists on the first two Chapters (I & II), second album will consist on Chapters III & IV and naturally the trilogy's last album will consist on Chapters V & VI.


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Time Traveller: Chapters I - II (2008)

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Time Traveller: Chapters III - IV (2011)

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